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The latest volume of Pyramid alternates its monthly issues between three broad themes: Fantasy/Historical, Modern, and SF/Futuristic. Each individual issue is also dedicated to a specific topic, ranging from established GURPS settings (such as Infinite Worlds and Transhuman Space) to specific genres (including cliffhangers and martial arts) to special-interest topics (such as space colonies or tools for wizards).

Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime

Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime (August 2009)

This issue covers "Crime and Grime," and it's criminally full of helpful and fun ideas for a medieval- or fantasy-themed campaign. Whether your adventurers are agents of law and order, actively oppose those agents, or just want to stay out of the way, they're sure to find something they can use. This issue contains "The Justiciar," a new template for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, written by GURPS line editor Sean Punch!

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Pyramid #3/09: Space Opera

Pyramid #3/09: Space Opera (July 2009)

The future never seemed so retro – this time, the theme is "Space Opera!" In this issue, you can threaten interstellar peace with four cosmos-concerning contraptions in "Doomsday Weapons." These generic devices come with adventure possibilities and can form the basis for a rousing space-opera tale, or even a campaign!

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Pyramid #3/08: Cliffhangers

Pyramid #3/08: Cliffhangers (June 2009)

This issue's theme is "Cliffhangers!" Travel back in time to the 1930s with 45 action-packed pages of pulse-pounding gaming goodness! Dust off your dossier with help from chisel-chinned GURPS mastermind Sean Punch's "Pulp Action!" Use the rules of GURPS Action in a cliffhanger campaign with these new and modified templates, lenses, and rules. After all, what are the pulps without Action?

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Pyramid #3/07: Urban Fantasy

Pyramid #3/07: Urban Fantasy (May 2009)

In this issue, our theme is "Urban Fantasy," and it's packed with 42 pages of people, plots, and powered possibilities, including "The New Kingdom," a systemless campaign that brings the Egyptian gods to the modern world. Can humanity survive their far-reaching plots? Can the gods and their agents uncover the mystery of who dares try to kill them?

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Pyramid #3/06: Space Colony Alpha

Pyramid #3/06: Space Colony Alpha (April 2009)

This issue's theme is "Space Colony Alpha." In these 44 pages are tools, tips, and inspiration for any group of determined futurists looking to stake a claim on a distant world. Contents include "Surprises from Mother Nature" – four life forms that can present unique challenges for colonists. Each has GURPS stats, but is generic enough to plug into most space-faring games.

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Pyramid #3/05: Horror & Spies

Pyramid #3/05: Horror & Spies (March 2009)

This month, we look at "Horror & Spies." Within the 40 pages uniting these two venerable genres, we look at GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's "X-Terminators," new templates and lenses for GURPS Action that build on the roles found in GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters.

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Pyramid #3/04: Magic on the Battlefield

Pyramid #3/04: Magic on the Battlefield (February 2009)

This month's installment is 40 pages dedicated to warfare and wizardry, and includes GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's description of a group of martial mages, using both GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles and GURPS Mass Combat!

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Pyramid #3/03: Venturing Into the Badlands – Post-Apocalypse

Pyramid #3/03: Venturing Into the Badlands – Post-Apocalypse (January 2009)

This month's installment is entitled "Venturing Into the Badlands: Post-Apocalypse." It's 44 pages dedicated to the end times, and includes a description by Peter Dell'Orto (GURPS Martial Arts) and Sean Punch (GURPS Action) of "Deathball," the GURPS sport of the future!

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Pyramid #3/02: Looks Like a Job for . . . Superheroes

Pyramid #3/02: Looks Like a Job for . . . Superheroes (December 2008)

This issue is called "Looks Like a Job for . . . Superheroes." Devoted to supers campaigns and four-color fun, it includes an extensive alternate history of the Russian supers program, from before the fall of the tsar to the death of Khrushchev. Learn why Soviet heroes are so secretive, so skittish, and sometimes seemingly insane!

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Pyramid #3/01: Tools of the Trade – Wizards

Pyramid #3/01: Tools of the Trade – Wizards (November 2008)

Each month, Pyramid features a specific theme, to kick-start a new campaign or spice up an old one. This month, "Tools of the Trade: Wizards" includes new accessories for necromancers, by GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch!

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