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GURPS Utilities

This is our online GURPS utility library. Everything in this section was written by fans, for fans.

All programs in this section are protected by the copyright of SJ Games and/or the original author, as marked for each program. You are welcome to download and use them. If a program is marked as shareware, please send its author the suggested contribution if you find the program useful! Reproduction by any other means is prohibited. Re-posting elsewhere for electronic access, or republication in disk form, is specifically prohibited unless a note with the specific program says otherwise!

Please notify us if you find any of these utilities reproduced elsewhere.

Want To Write One Yourself?

If you'd like to write a program for the enjoyment of your fellow fans, we'll do our best to make it possible. Trademark and copyright law requires us to require you to go through certain formalities. We hope to make them relatively painless. See our licensing policy.

Character Design:

Combat Play Aids:

GM Assistance:

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