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Suppressed Transmission 2

What People Are Saying About Suppressed Transmission 2

"When the first Suppressed Transmission came out, I was the first to publicly declare it was a work of genius! It was somewhat the supplement that I'd always dreamed of writing: more than a hundred pages of legends, bizarre conspiracy theories, tons and tons of strange coincidences, and the whole thing incredibly well documented, written with humor and put together in a way that displayed it well. It was so good that I didn't imagine he could do a second one. And now the author, Kenneth Hite, has just done it again, and succeeded, without difficulty, in repeating himself: the Voynich Manuscript, a glossary of parallel histories, Gilles de Rais, sacred geometry... It's all there! The theories put forward are all well put together, and the bibliographical notes will make the more curious among you very happy indeed. I would dearly like to meet Kenneth Hite some day, or at least steal his books... Suppressed Transmission 2 is right up there with the first volume, in my top ten Games of the Decade. (BACKSTAB Score: Five out of five stars) Kenneth Hite Master of Bizarre Conspiracy Theories"
Backstab #25

. . . Suppressed Transmissions 2 uses the standard SJG format: main text supplemented by a sidebar on every page. And each and every sidebar on each and every page is crammed to the gills with copious footnotes. For this collection, Hite has gone back into each and every column and supplemented it with additional research, interesting digressions, and interconnections.

This material is invaluable, and represents an incredible value.

So, by all means, subscribe to Pyramid and check the column out first. But if you are as captivated with it as everyone else who has ever read it, you're going to want to track down these collected volumes as soon as possible.

In short, again: Suppressed Transmissions is essential for any GM's library. A+
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