Car Wars: The Card Game – Cover

Car Wars: The Card Game – 1990 Origins Nominee

Origins Nominee for Best Graphic Presentation of a Boardgame of 1990

Car Wars: The Card Game

Written by Creede and Sharleen Lambard * Edited by Steve Jackson
Cover art by Jeff Mangiat

Boxed game, 6 large car cards, 150 playing cards.
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Welcome to the sport of the future – autoduelling! Killer cars battle with machine guns, missiles, autocannons, and flamethrowers. You're behind the wheel . . . and the last survivor wins.

This fast, fun game, based on Steve Jackson Games' award-winning Car Wars, includes six full-color car cards, 150 full-color playing cards, and short, easy rules.

Step 1, Lock and Load! Step 2, Open Fire! Step 3, Scrap Them All!

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  • Download the 1st edition rules.
  • View the 1st edition card list.
  • Download 1st edition sample cards.
  • The 1st editon game is fully compatible with Battle Cattle: The Card Game! Combine the two . . . take your hot rod out to the pasture and go gunning for Bossy . . . but remember, Bossy shoots back!