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Halloween Game Day - 2007


Alex in costume

Alex always has an impressive costume. This year, it was Zombie Spiderman, from the Marvel Zombie series, built by modifying two other costumes.

Alex in costume 2

He really piled on the details for this one. Notice the dark oval on his left shoulder, above the suit's spider emblem? That's a cockroach (plastic, thankfully!).

Fade in costume

Fade's pirate costume included a sword with a real metal blade. At one point, she nearly handed it to Alex, a clear violation of office policy - he's likely to put an eye out. Silly girl!

Fade in costume 2

Ok! Ok! Not "silly girl!"

Fox in costume

Fox was Little Red Riding Hooded Monster Slayer. That picnic basket held more weapons, plus holy water and a copy of Guitar Hero III. And yes, that's a corset. No, I don't know how he moved, other than "carefully." But I would have been more uncomfortable in his stiletto heeled boots.

Jimmie in costume

The civilized zombie no longer has to chase his food. That's 100% free-range brain Jimmie's holding there, conveniently wrapped and available from select grocers.

Morgan in costume

Morgan was "Dick Cheney's hunting partner." I'm not sure what the fist is for - probably too much sugar.

Randy in costume

Randy's a hoopy frood, just looking for a ride.

Richard in costume

American Badger? That's just Richard. He wasn't a werewolf, despite being furry.

Shadlyn in costume

Shadlyn, the big bad wolfe. Again, not a werewolf, although she was the Seer in the first game.

Thomas in costume

Thomas was a Corporate Raider, not a Software Pirate. The difference? Pirates have IP patches. Arrr!

Will in costume

Will's costume didn't have a specific title, but was pretty spooky. The arms moved like classic haunted house monsters, and the cloak was thick enough to be opaque, but thin enough that he didn't stumble around. The downside was he couldn't do anything with it on.

Zombie Spidey and the Pumpkin Man

For size comparison, here's Alex next to Will. The pumpkin is strapped to the top of Will's head, adding the extra height.


Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror

The W23 crew drags this one out often, despite, as Fox says, "The board hates us!"

Are You a Werewolf?

Are You a Werewolf? 1

Are You a Werewolf? 2

Are You a Werewolf? 3

We fit in two games, with the werewolves winning the first, and the villagers the second.


Bandu 1

Bandu 2

Bandu 3

Bandu 4

Will brought this stacking game from the back of his closet. Paul lost because he'd had too much Red Bull.

Dragons of Kir

Dragons of Kir

Just Thomas and Shadlyn on this one – it's just a two player game. Thomas won (a common occurence, as you'll see).



Will, Randy, and Paul set this one up. It was the first time playing for all of us, and we "learned" several rules the hard way. We'll definitely be setting this one up again.

Pitch Car

Pitch Car 1

Pitch Car 2

Pitch Car 3

Pitch Car 4

Pitch Car 5

Pitch Car 6

Pitch Car 7

This was the winner of Phil's "suggest a game" call. He, Will, Randy, Thomas, Alex, Fox, and Paul raced wooden discs around the track, with Thomas winning.



It's not technically a game, but we certainly enjoyed it.

Guitar Hero III

Guitar Hero III

Fox brought in his XBox 360 and showed off his mad skillz.

Mission: Red Planet

Mission: Red Planet

Thomas, Duncan, Randy, and Morgan carved up Mars, but Michelle conquering the world.

Reiner Knizia's Samurai

Reiner Knizia's Samurai

Richard, Duncan, Jimmie, and Fade played, and Jimmie won again.

Other Games

Also played, but sadly without pictures taken, were: Dutch Blitz, Heroscape, Cold War: CIA vs. KGB, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, Nexus Ops, Phil's Unnamed Really Abstract Dice Space Game, Screaming Eagles, Taluva, Ticket to Ride, Tsuro, and Zombie Fluxx.

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