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Halloween Game Day - 2009


Arcane Legions

Arcane Legions

Will and SJ set up Arcane Legions. I beat Will using the Egyptians, and, later on, SJ beat Jimmie with the Han army.

Castle Panic

Castle Panic

Moe, Jimmie, Will, Ben, Alex, and I played Castle Panic, with Phil and Justin watching. It was a close game, but the monsters took us down shortly after this picture was taken.

Incan Gold

Incan Gold

Moe, SJ, Will, Ben, and Justin searched for treasure in Incan Gold. Justin grabbed a couple of treasures early on, and no one was able to catch up.



Ben, Andrew, Jimmie, and Loren tried to cure the diseases of Pandemic. Randy's supervision must have helped; they cured all four diseases before society collapsed.

We also played a couple of dice games: Le Bomb, Wazabi, and SJ's latest Secret Project. I didn't get pictures of those because I was busy rolling dice!


Alex Alex redux

Alex came as Alan Moore's Rorschach, complete with changing mask!


Barbara used a Munchkin Fairy Dust shirt and a pair of deely-boppers for her costume.


The Hamburgler, as interpreted by Ben Williams.

Ben and Alex

Rorschach is not amused.


Jimmie is the Monster in the Darkness.


Justin wanted to give everyone a shave. He found no takers.


Sometimes it's the subtle costumes that are the most disturbing . . .


Will's half-mask was small enough to let his glasses fit over it, creating a "Dr. Zaius" effect.

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