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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers – Cover

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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers

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Written by Sean Punch * Edited by Sean Punch * Production art by Philip Reed
Cover art by Bob Stevlic
Illustrated by Andy Clarkson, Ed Northcott, Dan Smith, and Ruth Thompson

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

31 pages. PDF. * Price $9.00 * Stock number 37-0303
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32 pages. Softcover. * Suggested Retail Price $12.95
Stock number 01-8971 * ISBN 978-1-55634-787-0
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In the beginning, an adventure consisted of meeting an old wizard in a tavern, and following the dusty map he gave you and your friends. Inevitably, you were led to a complex series of rooms, usually underground, filled with monsters and their treasure. You slew the monsters, took the treasure, and returned to the tavern to celebrate (or heal your wounds).

Now Dungeon Fantasy: Adventurers brings these classic dungeon crawlers into GURPS. Sean Punch, architect of Fourth Edition, guides players and gamemasters alike through the options . . . to create GURPS characters who can kick down doors and slay dragons with the best of 'em.

Dungeon Fantasy: Adventurers shamelessly cuts corners, focusing on characters who can "hack-n-slash" to the exclusion of almost everything else. This is a quick reference guide for gamers who want a fast, fun adventure; use it in a serious fantasy campaign at your peril. This volume focuses on the characters . . . check out Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons for advice on running the adventure.

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