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Excerpts from GURPS Egypt

Hitler and the Hittites (from the sidebar on p. 53)

Our understanding of the politics of the Hittite Empire began with a series of German archaeological discoveries made shortly after the First World War. Adolf Hitler, always fascinated by the early history of the Nordic people, may have read about the exploits of the Aryan Hittites, the first Indo-Europeans to enter the Mediterranean historical record. Some think that when the future dictator decided to stop calling himself Schickelgruber he chose the name "Hit-ler" in a deliberate attempt to invoke the greatness of the "Hit-tite" empire.

In an Illuminati campaign, this coincidence may have great significance. The Hittites employed espionage and subversion on an international scale; if a great conspiracy has dominated human history, they could easily have played a part in it. If there was an occult purpose behind Hitler's apparently insane actions, the explanation may lie in the ruins of Hattusas.

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