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Bibliography for GURPS High-Tech

African Rifles and Cartridges – by John Taylor. One of the best books ever written about guns.

American Ammo – by Edward Matunas. A study of the technical aspects of 20th-century ammunition.

Brassey's – These annual volumes tend to be about the higher levels of strategy and funding.

Cartridges of the World – by Frank C. Barnes. Covers most of the historic cartridges and nearly all modern ones.

Civil War Guns – by William B. Edwards. Examines almost every model of firearm known to have been used in the American Civil War.

History of Aviation – by John W. R. Taylor. Includes performance data, dates of availability and unequalled pictorial coverage.

How Weapons Work – edited by Christopher Chant. This gives one of the best surveys ever written of the actual working of weapons from catapults and Greek fire to nuclear weapons.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of 19th Century Firearms – by Major Frederick C. Myatt, MC, one of the truly great arms historians.

Jane's – From the 1890s to the present, the Jane's publications have been the standard reference on military subjects.

Small Arms of the World – Not as relentlessly completist as Jane's, but often more rewarding. Includes more detail on operation of weapons.

Street Survival – by Ronald J. Adams, Thomas M. McTernan and Charles Remsberg. The best book ever written about police use of deadly force – how to do it and how to live through it.

Survival Guns – by Mel Tappan. This book examines the gun as a tool for individual survival in the event of societal collapse. It is a cold and common-sense look at most of the commonly available U.S. civilian weapons as of 1980.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons – edited by Leonid Tarassuk and Claude Blair. A comprehensive, beautifully illustrated reference book.

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Firearms – by Ian V. Hogg. This, and anything else by Ian Hogg, is detailed, concise, unfailingly accurate and vastly entertaining.

The Encyclopedia of Military History – by R. Ernest Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy. A survey in brief of major wars and battles. Excellent as a picture of how technology changes and is changed by war.

The Gun and its Development – by W. W. Greener. Encyclopedic, covering everything from powder making to competition shooting.

The Handgun – by Geoffrey Boothroyd. A survey that covers the product and the means of production.

The Truth About Self-Protection – by Massad F. Ayoob. An invaluable book about taking care of yourself in the violence of modern America.

The Way Things Work – A two-volume illustrated guide to the most common and the most abstruse technology.

United States Firearms, The First Century – by David F. Butler. A prime source of information on the actual performance of 18th- and 19th-century guns.

Weapons Through the Ages – by William Reid. An eclectic look at everything from flint-chipping to nuclear weapons. Illustrations are superb and concentrate on the unusual and little-known.

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