We had a xmas lunch kinda gig the week before xmas. I brought the spiff new digital camcorder and took sneaky pix of everyone, though actually not too many of the party itself. Kinda hard to eat and take pix at the same time :) Anyway, here's a look at some of our staff and surroundings...


Did someone slip something into your coke?

The hot tub. That's dust on the cover. Obviously it isn't getting as much use as it should be...

Micah, about to give me the evil eye. I even got the evil eye on video, but it was too scary to show anyone.

Gene, skeptical of the camera.

Jason, contemplating life.... or else the spider on the ceiling.

Scott & Mindy in shipping.

Monica and Kelly making more food.

The Illuminati shirts. Neat aren't they?

Flying things in the playtest room.