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March 30, 2010: A Munchkin Contest!

An important part of the World of Munchkin is the Munchkin card suggestion page. We've used quite a few of those fan-submitted ideas in the past, and we're always open to more. If you've got the ultimate Munchkin card idea burning a hole in your brain, now's your chance to send it in. (The card, not the brain.)

We're going to award a copy of an upcoming UNANNOUNCED Munchkin set to the person who submits the best* new card idea (for any Munchkin card game!) between March 31 and April 30. The set will have signatures from Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, and Andrew Hackard, making it a collector's item. (So be sure that your e-mail address is accurate . . .)

Type ***CONTEST ENTRY*** into the comments field so that we don't miss your brilliant idea when we go through the list.

* In the sole opinion of the contest judge(s).

Legal meeble: Employees of Steve Jackson Games are ineligible to win the contest, but don't let that stop you from submitting ideas. All card submissions become the property of Steve Jackson Games. If we use your idea, even if you don't win the contest, you'll get credit and a copy of the set in which it appears! (Warning: Lots of ideas are essentially duplicates . . . either of existing cards, or of card ideas we already had on the list. On the other hand, some suggestions result in cards that the original suggestor would not recognize, but WE know where we got the idea and we give credit accordingly. Therefore, the final decision as to who gets credit is entirely up to us here at Munchkin Central!)

-- Andrew Hackard

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