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April 1, 2019: Today Only, A Classic Game Accessory Funding On Kickstarter

Thanks to the success of The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition, Ogre Battlefields, and the many Pocket Box titles on Kickstarter, we've decided to revive a classic Steve Jackson Games accessory: Bag of Bags! Out-of-print for decades, the Bag of Bags accessory is now on Kickstarter and needs your support. The project ends today, though, so there's not a lot of time for you to join in and help us bring back this 1980s game accessory.

BONUS: We're offering some of the recent projects as add-ons. Did you miss Ogre Battlefields? Did you miss the Pocket Box games? Check out Bag of Bags for a second chance at these projects and more!

Support Bag of Bags today . . . or you may miss it forever!*

-- Phil Reed

* Or not. But maybe, and do you really want to miss out on a chance to add Bag of Bags to your game collection?

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