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April 10, 2005: GURPS Vehicle Builder Update 2 for Third Edition Now Available!

The long-awaited GURPS Vehicle Builder Update 2 for Third Edition is now available for download. Registered users can access this update from the Vehicle Builder Update Page. If you do not own a copy of the Vehicle Builder, you can order it on CDROM from Warehouse 23 or you can directly purchase a download from e23.

The big feature in this new update is the dynamic performance profiles. Instead of the fixed list of performance profiles, you can add as many as you would like to each vehicle. Now GVB can properly display performance profiles for a aircraft with a full weapons load, partial load, or empty, each with afterburners on or off. We've even opened the performance profiles so you can create your own.

In addition to the dynamic performance profiles, we've added a dozen other minor updates and bug fixes, made 50 fixes to the repositories, and added 65 new and updated example vehicles.

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