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April 21, 2013: I Love Books! Or, Why I Broke Down And Ordered Two Books I Already Own

Books, as you would know if you were to see the shelves and stacks in my home, are one of those obsessions that threatens to consume me. There are so many books around the house that the latest project is a redecoration job to line the bedroom walls with more shelves. I love books, yes, but what I really love are limited edition books.

And since the redecorating project is opening up more space I finally broke down and ordered two limited edition books, both written by Paolo Bacigalupi. Bacigalupi, if you're not aware of his work, is a sci-fi author who has won awards and writes highly entertaining stories about very dark and depressing things. And two of his books -- Ship Breaker and The Drowned Cities -- are actually presented as YA novels . . . and it is those two titles that I am now waiting on. I've already read the books in their regular release, so I know they're both very enjoyable, but the chance to get these two limited editions -- each signed and limited to runs of 300 copies, with artwork by Jon Foster -- was an opportunity I couldn't miss. Especially since I had skipped the chance to order each of these when they were first published. (Yeah, I sometimes skip something and then buy it later for a little more. I'm not all that bright at times.)

Yes, I love books. And I really love limited edition books; there's just something fantastic about holding a beautifully bound and illustrated book, and having these two in my collection will make me very happy.

(I'm fairly easy to keep happy.)

-- Phil Reed

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