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April 30, 2021: Don't Miss The Biohazard D6 And Radiation D6 Dice Sets!


You're a fan of dice, right? After all, what gamer isn't on the hunt for new dice to add to their collection?

As a part of our Steve Jackson Games Button Pack project (now on Kickstarter), we're offering the new Biohazard d6 Dice Set and Radiation d6 Dice Set. Each pack includes six dice, all with the same design, giving you plenty of dice for your next GURPS game . . . or any game that uses six-sided dice! 

These dice were first listed for pre-order earlier this year and the Warehouse 23 team is shipping the pre-orders now. If you missed pre-ordering, or if you pre-ordered and simply need more of these dice (we won't judge), join the Button Pack campaign on Kickstarter today!

-- Phil Reed

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