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August 10, 2013: 150 MIB Events At Gen Con 2013!

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This year our MIBs are proud to present 150 events at Gen Con! These events are run in Hall E -- in addition to our demos at booth #1301 in the trade hall and the munchkinly things at the Munchkin Tavern.

You can join the World Championships of Munchkin and Munchkin Quest. Try the Ogre Designer's Edition, Steve Jackson's first game design beautifully updated. There will also be playtests of an Ogre Designer's Edition expansion. Check out Castellan, an easy to learn but challenging game of castle building for two to four players.

Of course, the MIBs can teach you more of our great games, and if you want a general introduction to the best of Steve Jackson Games (both new and classic), we suggest you join the Path to Illumination events. If you consider yourself an expert in anything Steve Jackson Games offers, the "vs. MIB" events might be the right ones for you. This is where the MIBs play rough and show all their hardcore gaming skills, including the sneaky tricks they know.

To see the details of all our non-secret MIB events at Gen Con 2013, log into Gen Con's website, run the event search, then click "Gaming Group/Company," and finally select "Steve Jackson Games - Men in Black." Be sure to register quick, as a lot of our events have already sold out!

-- Birger Kraemer

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