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December 9, 2011: Ho! Ho! Ho! Download Free Holiday Cards And Gift Tags!

Free Holiday Card from Steve Jackson GamesWe love Christmas . . . in our own munchkinly way. Our elves work all year to stuff your stockings with goodies like the new Munchkin Reindeer Games booster pack and the evil fuzzy adorable tentacled Christmas Chibithulhu Plush. (If you think we're kidding, check out all the loot on the Munchkin Christmas page.)

Free Holiday Gift Tag from Steve Jackson GamesBut a munchkin's favorite gifts are the ones he doesn't have to pay for, so grab our free downloadable holiday cards and gift tags! Take your pick: Munchkin in Santa hat, or illuminated Christmas tree. If you have two friends (LUCKY!), use them both!

If you like these, hit our forums and say so, and maybe we'll celebrate more holidays with FREE STUFF.

-- Monica Valentinelli

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