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December 21, 2011: Munchkin Fu, Munchkin Jumbo D6, And More Are Going Away

MunchkinomiconAs the Munchkin series continues to grow, we're forced to let some things go out of print. After reviewing our inventory, sales figures, and the time available to work on reprints in 2012, we have selected the following items to vanish from the shelves. Will they ever return? Some of them will be, yes, but not until 2013 (at the earliest; some of them may even push back into 2014). Please note that these are only the releases that are closest to selling out. If you guys keep buying, we may run out of other things too . . .

Munchkin Jumbo D6

Once we're well into the year, we'll let all of you know what else might be about to run out. But don't worry -- lots of new stuff is coming in 2012, including:

Plus some other things we haven't announced yet. Hide and watch.

-- Phil Reed

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