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December 22, 2012: Zombie Dice Makes The Board Game Geek's Holiday Gift Guide

Gamers, if you're in need of gifts for your friends you must take a look at the 2012 Board Game Geek Gift Guide. An impressive listing of games -- ranging from stocking stuffers to party games to all-time favorites -- the guide will be quite useful when it comes time to select a new game for your friends. And if you happen to find a game or two for your own collection then that's not a bad thing, right?

And as one more feather in a year of great things, our own Zombie Dice made it to the list under "Stocking Stuffers" . . . if you can find a copy. The game's success continues to take us by surprise and we're still working at keeping a steady supply in the warehouse. Fortunately, we've taken steps that should guarantee that we'll have a near-constant stock of Zombie Dice in the warehouse after February, but I'm sure just saying that has probably jinxed us and we'll see demand continue to climb. (Which would be a great thing; thank you, everyone, for playing the game and sharing it with your friends.)

-- Phil Reed

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