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December 29, 2021: Classic Car Wars Expansion, The Best Of Autoduel Quarterly Volume 1, Now On Warehouse 23


One of the cool things about a company with four decades of releases is that we sometimes get to look to the past. A few years ago, thanks to your support, we looked deep into the past and reprinted several Car Wars expansions from the eighties. Now, as the warehouse team finds the time to complete the necessary work, we continue to release some of those retro-reprints to the world for those who missed the Kickstarter campaign.

What does this mean? Well, it means that your copy of The Best of Autoduel Quarterly Volume 1 that may be beaten and abused can now be replaced with a factory-fresh reproduction!

"Start your engines! For a decade  from 1983 through 1993  Steve Jackson Games published Autoduel Quarterly, a magazine devoted to Car Wars. Featuring scenarios, campaign information, fiction, rules, and more, this is an autoduelist's dream."

More and more, as I look back at this reprint project, it makes me think we should tackle a similar campaign to create reproductions of the first few years of GURPS releases so that everyone can replace their faded and tattered books with clean and near-exact reprints. Of course, the original GURPS box set would have to be part of such a project, right?

-- Phil Reed

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