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December 30, 2019: One More Week! Car Wars Sixth Edition Kickstarter Closes Soon


We're down to the final week of the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter, with the project closing one week from today (comes to an end on Monday, January 6th.) So far, project supporters have unlocked dozens of stretch goals and made the game's launch far larger than it would have been without their help funding this newest edition of the classic game of autoduelling.

One of the most common questions we get is: Will I be able to buy the game at my favorite local game store? Our answer: Maybe. We plan to offer the core game to distributors in 2021, so at the very least your local game store will have the opportunity to stock the Car Wars Sixth Edition core game. As to the expansions, though, we currently have no plans to offer these through distribution sales. The expansions will be offered on Warehouse 23 in 2021 (and retailers who order direct from us will have the chance to stock the expansions in their stores; retailers, please contact retailers@sjgames.com for info on setting up your direct sales account).

What are the benefits of backing the Kickstarter project over waiting to buy the game next year? Here are a few reasons to join the Kickstarter campaign today:

  • A significant savings! The $140 reward level includes over $400 (post-KS price) of Car Wars Sixth Edition content, making this the best deal you're likely to ever see for this first wave of the game's launch.
  • Early access. The Kickstarter campaign is estimated to deliver to U.S. backers in November of 2020. We won't offer the core game for sale to distributors until 2021.
  • Get what you want! The only way to guarantee that you get each of the expansions you're interested in is to support the project.
  • Regular project updates, where we'll share photos and information on the game's progress.

With one week to go, the clock is running out on your chance to take advantage of the special Kickstarter savings on the Car Wars Sixth Edition game. Join the project today!

-- Phil Reed


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