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February 1, 2019: Now On Kickstarter: Classic Pocket Box Games Including Car Wars, Ogre, And More!

Welcome to the '80s, gang! Now funding on Kickstarter, we're bringing back the black plastic box games of the past as near-exact replicas, for those who sometimes start conversations with: "My mom tossed my copy of Crash City when I left home in 1989." We feel your pain, and we're happy to report that we can fill that Crash City-sized hole in your heart . . . as well as the Illuminati, Truck Stop, Battlesuit, and other holes that may have been plaguing your soul for the last three decades.

And best of all, we're even bringing back some of the game expansions that may have gone missing over the years. Convoy, Uncle Al's 2035 Catalog, and the AADA Vehicle Guide are all available, and unlocking stretch goals will open even more old-school expansions. 

Join the Pocket Box Kickstarter campaign today, and help us bring back as many classic '80s games and expansions as we can!

-- Phil Reed


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