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February 12, 2024: If It Says Label Label Label On The . . . Wait, I Messed Up

Labeler (front)

Labeler (back)

Here's a quick recommendation: Get a labeler. I often end up with oddball bits of ephemera that would be handy to label, and I've found (no real surprise) that a labeler works great for that. In particular, the Dymo LetraTag LT-100H Portable Label Maker has been my weapon of choice for a decade. This isn't a recommendation, per se. Although I like this one, it's not like I did exhaustive research when picking that one . . . and even if I did, that research would be a decade out of date now. You might find something cooler and niftier.

Still, this one is fast, it's readable, and it labels, which are all marks in its favor, as is the fact that it can do two lines of text. It's not terribly loud, which is nice. I find the tape for it to be affordable. It also doesn't use ink or toner, so it's pretty fool-proof in that regard.

As a bonus tip if you get this or any other labeler: I found it helpful to add examples of the font sizes on the back of the labeler, so I can figure out at a glance if small/medium/large would suit my needs better. Eagle-eyed readers might also notice the ribbon loop I have attached to it; I normally keep it hanging on a wall right by my computer.

-- Steven Marsh

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