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February 17, 2020: Ending Today: The Fantasy Trip Hexagram #4 Kickstarter Campaign

Why is there a floating head on the cover of Hexagram #4? You'll have to read it to find out!

The latest issue of The Fantasy Trip zine, Hexagram, is in its final hours on Kickstarter – now is your chance to join before it's too late! This issue comes in at the same size and length as the previous three (available at Warehouse 23), making it another fantastic supplement for players and game masters alike.

What will you find in this latest 36-page issue?

  • Headmasters and the Library of Lives by Chris Warden
  • The Ensemble Campaign by James Eisert
  • A Band of Rogues by Joseph Zakszewski
  • Kicking Down the Door by David Pulver
  • Questions Three: Mixam by Steve Jackson, interviewing Adam Smith
  • The Spore Lizard by Kelly Nall
  • Not By Iron Alone: Material Usage in Arms and Armor by Howard Kistler
  • A Temple of the Six Gates by Henry J. Cobb
  • The Vampire Man o' War by Greg Miller
  • The Order of the Four Humors by Stefan Jones
  • Retreats Revamped? by Steve Jackson

Back Hexagram #4 today!

-- Phil Reed

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