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February 24, 2021: Character Collections For TFT- Now Live On Kickstarter!

Gaming Ballistic launched their third Kickstarter providing support for The Fantasy Trip on Friday, February 19.

The campaign launched with three volumes:

  • Character Collections 1: Experienced Adventurers provides 20 ready-to-use adventurers of various point values.
  • Character Collections 2: Rookies contains 40 starting characters ranging from 30-33 points.
  • Character Collections 3: Bandits and Outlaws ambushes you with 72 unsavory individuals . . . or perhaps they're just misunderstood?

The campaign launches with these three volumes, but there are three more planned as stretch goals. These volumes (Wizards, Merchants and Caravans, and Pirates and Sailors) unlock as the number of backers that join the campaign at the $10 or more reward level hit certain levels. The PDFs of these books are added to your pledge rewards as the campaign succeeds!

Please join Gaming Ballistic in making the Character Collections project successful!

-- Douglas Cole

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