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February 27, 2023: New Pocket Box Games Headed To Stores This Summer

As we try to fit our upcoming Pocket Box Kickstarter campaign into the schedule (more projects than space on the calendar!), we've moved three of the planned games into manufacturing and will offer them to our distribution partners this summer. The three games selected for this release path are:

  • Proteus. Played on a standard chess board, each side gets 8 dice, with a different piece on each face. You start with 8 pawns, but each turn you get to change one of your dice to a more powerful piece. But as your pieces get more powerful, they become worth more points to your opponent!
  • Tribes. In Tribes, the players are cave men and women. They hunt and gather food, make their tribal laws, and deal with natural disasters. But the object of the game is simple: Look after the children! In this game, the way to win is to have the most kids, and do whatever you have to do to make sure they survive to adulthood. The players must know when to cooperate, and when to cut their losses and protect their own families.
  • Caligula. Under the dissolute Emperor Caligula, the Roman Senate gets down to serious business: drinking. But they keep on making laws. The usual penalty for disobedience: take another drink! Can you make laws that will trap your friends into going broke . . . or just not being able to find the table? This is a drinking game. Please don't buy it unless you are of age.

All three games are in the manufacturing process and will be properly announced soon. Please watch our New Releases page for information on all of our upcoming titles, both new games and reprints, and please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter to receive email notification when the other planned Pocket Box titles are ready for crowdfunding.

-- Phil Reed

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