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January 5, 2022: Pre-Order The Hardcover Fantasy Bestiary For Dungeon Fantasy RPG's Nordlond Setting

Capping off a fantastic year of partnership with Steve Jackson Games, Gaming Ballistic launched its most ambitious Powered by GURPS project to date: The Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.
Thanks to a late surge in pledges in the last few days, the book swelled to 192 pages. With strategic partnerships with fulfillment companies in both the U.S. and U.K., Gaming Ballistic was able to offer worldwide shipping of all items, not just the new books.

[Nordlond Bestiary

And with the participation and encouragement of the team at SJ Games, Gaming Ballistic announced a "module" for the Foundry VTT platform, for drag-and-drop-and-play import of the monsters from the bestiary  including artwork  into the GURPS Game Aid (Unofficial) supported by Nick and Nose.
If you missed the campaign, it's not too late: Pre-orders for the Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book are open until the book files go to print, probably in mid-February. Until then, you can get the Bestiary, quick-reference cards, Delvers to Grow, and all of Gaming Ballistic's other products in both digital and physical form via the Backerkit pre-order system anywhere in the world.
Grab the Bestiary, Nordlond to Go!, or  if you're a game store  nab a fully supported setting in one click.

-- Douglas Cole

Blisterworm Fjalla

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