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January 9, 2021: Low Stock Notice: Ogre Reinforcements And Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition


While reviewing inventory levels, two Ogre titles stood out as running very, very low. At the moment, we're down to the last copies of both of these items and have no plans to reprint either one.

  • Ogre Reinforcements, which is an excellent companion to Ogre Sixth Edition and is loaded with new units for both sides, all-new scenarios, and more map overlays.
  • Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition, the hardcover rulebook for use with the plastic Ogre miniatures that we've been producing over the last few years.

Of the two, Ogre Reinforcements is the title that is least likely to hit our reprint schedule for the foreseeable future. Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition, while not exactly in line for a full reprint, is a candidate for a print-on-demand release in 2021. We'll look closely at the situation next year and then decide whether or not to make the necessary tweaks to the book to release it as a POD title.

You can find both of these today at our online store, Warehouse 23, as well as these other currently in-print Ogre items.

-- Phil Reed

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