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January 20, 2022: John Kovalic Joining Us For FnordCon 5 LIVE: Registration Open!

As Events Coordinator, sometimes I get to announce some really fun stuff. Today is one of those days.

John Kovalic has agreed to join us for FnordCon 5 and registration is officially open!

As a long-time fanboy of Dork Tower and John's work for us here at Steve Jackson Games, I look forward to seeing John again, and maybe getting a shirt signed for that extra Munchkin bonus. Yes, we do sometimes try to get the upper hand on Steve when playtesting with assorted signed cards and swag.

Not only has John done thousands of images for us on Munchkin and other games (such as Munchkin Warhammer 40,000Munchkin Age of Sigmar, and Chez Geek), he's also an editorial cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal, and has had his work appear in the New York Times and Washington Post. John's Wiki page lists even more of his work.

Registration has officially opened as well. Badges are $50 per person, and any health and safety requirements can be found on the page, but in short we will be requiring masks and proof of vaccination. Of course, we'll have a great swag bag for attendees as well! 

So register now, book your room at the Austin Southpark Hotel, and join us for FnordCon 5 LIVE! on April 29 - May 1! Don't forget to pack up your John Kovalic swag for a signature opportunity, or get some new goodies at the show, and we'll see you there!

-- Eric Dow

Fnordcon 5

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