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January 30, 2024: Friendly Local Game Store Report: Sweets And Geeks

What happens when you turn a former hardware and lumber store into a place dedicated to candy, games, and pop culture ephemera? You get Sweets & Geeks, a Northeast Ohio game store writ very, very large. Whether you're looking for snacks and candy, Tradeable Card Game booster packs, a high-rolling set of polyhedral dice, or the perfect party game, Sweets & Geeks is likely to have exactly what you need.
The first thing most people see when entering this store is its extensive candy section. The offerings are truly impressive – there are novelty mints, holiday-themed candy, taffy, gummy candy, chocolate, and more. The store also has a wide assortment of international candy and snacks, which makes it perfect for those times when my husband is homesick for Cadbury. Soda fans will be pleased to know they aren't left out, either! From old-fashioned root beer to dill pickle flavored soda, you'll find something that suits your tastes.
My husband and I tend to spend most of our time in the tabletop roleplaying section of Sweets & Geeks, which is located near the back. The store's miniatures section is second to none, with an entire wall (and some shelves!) dedicated to unpainted minis of player characters, monsters, even vehicles. Dice sets and loose dice are available for purchase, the latter being displayed in a large treasure chest.
While the TTRPG section of the store is impressive, board games are given their fair due as well. Sweets & Geeks has board games for all ages, tastes, and skill levels. There always seems to be an eclectic mix on display here, with everything from classic titles to the latest releases. (I'm pleased to report that Munchkin is well-represented.) The store offers demo nights and open-play nights, as well as a board game rental program.
The last major section of the store is also the newest. After an expansion in 2022, Sweets & Geeks now boasts a large TCG section, expanded candy options, and Fizzy's Cafe, a place where patrons can order boba (bubble) tea, ice cream, milkshakes, and instant ramen. While I'm not a TCG player myself, I'm always impressed by how knowledgeable the staff is about various cards, games, and expansions. This section of the store also houses some of their more unique dice sets. A gaming room near the end of the TCG counter hosts tournaments, events, and game nights.
While I've done my best to describe everything I love about this place, I think this video tour gives you a much better idea as to the scope of the store and what makes it so much fun to explore. If you're ever in Northeast Ohio, you owe it to yourself to check it out!
Sweets & Geeks is located at 342 E Smith Road in Medina, Ohio. 

-- Katie Duffy

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