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July 2, 2021: Bonus PDF At Warehouse 23: How To Be A GURPS GM: Combat Encounters


As a part of our Warehouse 23 Summer Sale, we've got an amazing deal for GURPS gamemasters: Order $30 or more at Warehouse 23 before the sale ends on July 5th and you will receive a copy of the new How to Be a GURPS GM: Combat Encounters PDF -- written by Sean Punch -- at no extra charge! This PDF will be added to all eligible accounts at Warehouse 23 late this month, and you will not want to miss this newest addition to the ever-popular How to Be a GURPS GM series.

Almost all roleplaying games involve combat – sometimes a lot of it. And the GURPS library, starting with the Basic Set, provides plenty of rules for this. An RPG isn't a wargame, though . . . there's far more to a satisfying battle than plunking units on a map and then following the manual.

How to Be a GURPS GM: Combat Encounters offers almost rules-free advice to go with the rules. It opens with pointers on reasons to fight at all, and then moves on to selecting suitable foes, laying out an interesting battlefield, determining what everybody is doing when violence breaks out, adjusting the challenge level on the fly, and picking up the pieces afterward. While the examples come from GURPS, the concepts are portable to any RPG.

Click here to learn more about the Warehouse 23 Summer Sale! Act now, though, because this bonus PDF offer ends on Monday, July 5!

-- Phil Reed

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