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July 16, 2021: As Requested: $99 Reward Level In The GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge

During last year's GURPS PDF Challenge, we offered a $99 reward that included those new PDFs as well as $125 credit to spend in BackerKit on existing GURPS PDFs. We offered similar rewards in the GURPS Pyramid Scheme Kickstarter project earlier this year, and at the time there were multiple "I've got all I want!" comments online. When we sat down to construct this year's GURPS PDF Challenge (now funding!), we remembered the online comments and decided not to spend energy building another high-dollar PDF reward level.

It turns out that some of you still wanted a $99 reward level similar to the one we offered during last year's campaign. So, we took time to open a $99 reward level in the new project, which includes all of the new PDFs that are unlocked before the project ends as well as $125 in BackerKit credit. It is important that we note this says BackerKit credit. This is not Warehouse 23 credit and any unspent credit is not moved to Warehouse 23. Also, after the headaches surrounding this reward last year, any unspent credit will be lost when the survey deadline strikes. We cannot keep the credit open forever, and we cannot jump through the hoops necessary to refund unspent credit. So if you select this reward (or the $30 reward level that also includes BackerKit credit), make sure to complete your survey and spend all of your credit before the survey deadline. Any unspent credit will be lost when the survey closes.

The GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge comes to a close on Monday. Can we unlock those last PDFs before the campaign comes to an end? With your support, we will get a little closer to unlocking the last of the still-locked PDFs.

-- Phil Reed

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