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July 27, 2018: The Fantasy Trip Update! Megahexes, Character Record Pads, And International Shipping

Character Sheet

The Fantasy Trip launched on Kickstarter earlier this week, and already you have:

  • Guaranteed that both the Death Test and Death Test 2 solo adventures are included in the game.
  • Added two sheets (UPDATE: added three sheets) of die-cut megahexes to the Legacy Edition box, expanding your dungeon-crawl options.
  • Unlocked several new creatures, spells, plants, and assorted other bits of info, all of which have been posted to the official thefantasytrip.game website.
  • Made it possible for us to add a little pad of Melee character sheets to the Legacy Edition box.
  • Included a similar pad of character sheets (for Wizard characters) into the Legacy Edition box.

And that's in less than five days! The project is going bonkers, with stretch goal after stretch goal falling and already over 1,500 backers. We knew there was a demand for The Fantasy Trip, but we didn't realize quite how many of you remembered the game and were happy to see it return.

The project closes on August 24, so there's no telling just how big the final box will come in at. You can help us make The Fantasy Trip bigger and better by joining the project today. Check it out, pledge, and get ready for the return of one of the original OSR roleplaying games of the '70s.

PS: For those of you outside of the U.S., we have worked with our fulfillment partners and reduced the estimated international shipping costs where we could. Please check the project for more info; the best deal for many outside the U.S. will be the Legacy Edition box because of the way the shipping numbers have worked out. If we find ways to decrease the shipping costs more, we will revise our estimates.

-- Phil Reed

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