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June 4, 2012: Can't Find A Guide To An Exotic Land? Djinn Up, Old Chap!

GURPS Classic: Castle Falkenstein - The Ottoman Empire

Are you facing a severe deficiency of mad Sultans, flying carpets, and Senusi Dervishes in your steampunk world? Don't deny yourself and go cold Turkey; get GURPS Classic: Castle Falkenstein - The Ottoman Empire -- newly released to e23!

While designed as an expansion of the Castle Falkenstein universe (including stats for both the original game and its GURPS adaptation), this supplement is incredibly useful for any 19th-century campaigns, especially one steeped in magic. Penned by the ever-popular Phil Masters, it includes information on the history and geography of the region, insight into character creation, revelations about Middle Eastern magick, descriptions of the Djinn, and a satchel of secrets and mysteries related to this realm. Whether you're stopping a European political power play or trying to track down the Brotherhood of Purity, this guide will prove invaluable to your steampunk setting. Kick your feet back and enjoy this Ottoman!

-- Steven Marsh

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