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June 8, 2019: Four Perilous Journeys, New Adventures For The Fantasy Trip, Ends Today!

It hasn't even been a year since our Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition was launched, and already we've seen:

  • The release of the Legacy Edition game, as well as Melee, Wizard, Death Test, and much more!
  • A successful Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip Adventures, a hardcover collection of five new adventures that is now in final production at the factory.
  • Hexagram #1, the first issue of an old-school zine for The Fantasy Trip . . . and the second issue is in the works!
  • Decks of Destiny, a massive collection of cards, megahex tiles, journals, and other tools for The Fantasy Trip, successfully closed on Kickstarter earlier this month; it's now in final production with our team at the office.

That's a lot of great support for the return of this classic RPG, yes, but that's not where we're drawing the line. Closing today on Kickstarter is the officially licensed Four Perilous Journeys, another wave of new adventures for The Fantasy Trip, including one new solo programmed adventure! Doug Cole and his team have done a fabulous job with the campaign – and, late today, the Kickstarter project closes and they begin the serious work of wrapping up the adventures and preparing them for print.

Join in Four Perilous Journeys today and don't miss this chance to expand your TFT library of adventures.

-- Phil Reed

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