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June 11, 2022: Are You A Storyteller? Do You Want To Write An Ogre Game?


Are you familiar with The Wretched? Chris Bissette's solitaire roleplaying game is a great experience for those who enjoy journaling games. The core mechanics have been released as an SRD and rules system known as Wretched & Alone. There have been dozens of different games released under the SRD and I think we could publish an Ogre solo game using the Wretched & Alone SRD. If we had one!

There are, no doubt, many Ogre fans who would enjoy the chance to grab their card deck, dice, a notebook and pencil, and a tumbling block tower to adventure through a story . . . and why shouldn't you be the author?

If you're familiar with the Wretched & Alone game, the Ogre universe, and have stoytelling skills and an idea, feel free to email me and we can chat. Serious and professional inquiries only, please, but rest assured that I personally think that this would be a fun project. If we do receive a great idea from a talented game author, we'll seriously explore opportunities.

Before emailing, please make sure you've played some of the Wretched & Alone games -- you can find several here -- and that you have reviewed and understand our writing guidelines. If your emailed pitch engages our imaginations, we'll issue a contract and, of course, pay upon acceptance of the final work. 

If we receive multiple great pitches, maybe there's a chance to produce a collection of adventures rather than a single title.

-- Phil Reed

I approve of this message! - SJ  (It would be fun to write it myself, but we decided someone else should have a chance!)

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