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June 17, 2022: KItten Caster And Duck Of Doom Dice Bags In Stores Today!


Our two newest dice bags, the adorable Kitten Caster and always-deadly Duck of Doom, are reaching the shelves of your favorite local game store today! These satin-lined, double-stitched, drawstring dice bags expand our series of dice bags and give you new storage solutions for your always-growing collection of dice. We know you love math rocks, and there's no better way to show off your many dice than with a bag that is both durable and attractive.

We encourage you to visit your local store first when you're in need of dice bags. If you're not sure where your nearest game store is, please check out our store finder.

If your favorite local game store doesn't have the dice bags you're looking for, you can find them at Amazon.com or at our online store, Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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