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June 27, 2011: I Will Show You Fear In A Handful Of Dice

Pyramid 3 32 Fears of Days Past

With the recent PDF release of the new GURPS Horror (not to mention other monster-hunting goodness), we've been in a fearful frame of mind lately. Thinking about all the terrors that lurk outside our front door has made us nostalgic for earlier eras . . . simpler times when there were also terrifying things waiting to get us.

Which brings us to this month's Pyramid, referred to in long-forbidden books as Pyramid #3/32: Fears of Days Past. It's chock-full of frightening features, including a GURPS adventure for Atomic Horror, a Roaring Twenties campaign framework where the heroes struggle to survive the war between Heaven and Hell, David Pulver's look at a south Asian terror (including GURPS stats), and much more. (Modesty forbids mentioning my own creepy contribution, "The Typewriters of Terror," suitable for any era where QWERTY is common . . .)

Whether you're looking for ideas to plug into your current campaign or hoping to start something new, Pyramid #3/32: Fears of Days Past should have more than enough gruesome goodness to challenge even the gutsiest gamers.

-- Steven Marsh

We're On Vacation!

If our Twitter feed seems quiet this week, that's because we're on vacation! It's a much-needed break to restore some Sanity Points before launching into the last-minute preparations for GenCon and PAX Prime. (Sure, there are two weeks between the shows, but the "to do" list for August is very, very long.)

For you, our loyal fan, this break means a slight delay in some of our responses, but little else. e23's magic network of electrons will continue to deliver your digital downloads, but Warehouse 23 won't be processing or shipping. Not being in the office means we can't answer the phone, and only the most explosively "on fire" e-mail will get a reply. We promise to deal with all issues when we get back into the office on Tuesday, July 5th, as quickly as possible. We -- and our sanity -- thank you for your patience.

-- Paul Chapman

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