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March 1, 2010: You Don't Have To Go On A Quest, But You Can't Stay Here

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 10: Taverns If I lived in a fantasy town, I'd create a temp agency. Think about it. A sizable chunk of your population spends its time looking for any and all work that involves treasure and/or stabbing things. The way they job hunt? They go from seedy dive to seedy dive, looking for anyone with a hood over their face. Think for a moment about how terribly inefficient that is. So I'd make a killing, and it would revolutionize the adventuring industry! (Heck, a bulletin board would revolutionize the adventuring industry.)

But I don't, so I can't, so bar hopping it is. If your heroes are going to be doing something silly, though, they may as well do it silly right. This is where GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 10: Taverns comes in. It has a selection of taverns all mapped out and detailed for your convenience, but that's only part of the book. It also drops stats and suggestions for a number of standard issue barflies. And barfights? Oh, yes. They get their own chapter.

And remember, please adventure responsibly.

-- Fox Barrett

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