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March 3, 2021: SJGames Products In The Spotlight: The Talking Crit Livestream

Gaming Ballistic is licensed to produce books for both the Dungeon Fantasy RPG and The Fantasy Trip (he's even got a TFT Kickstarter in mid-campaign). Douglas Cole was recently invited to talk about running Kickstarters and  about the state of the industry with Erik Tenkar and "Bad Mike" on their Talking Crit livestream.


Doug sat down with Erik and Mike for over two hours...and much of that discussion featured his love for both GURPS and The Fantasy Trip. Some highlights:
  • He and his hosts talk from about 17 through 33 minutes about GURPS, the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, and the (very high) quality of GURPS sourcebooks.
  • The conversation turns to The Fantasy Trip around 40 minutes in, and they talk about the game and the experience of handling books like Dark Lord's Doom or the Hexagram 'zines until 55 minutes.
  • The monstrous TFT Legacy Edition gets thunked down on the desk (on camera) at 1 hour 10 minutes; it stays on camera for the rest of the interview.
  • From 1 hour 16 minutes through 1 hour 53 minutes, he discusses the traps, pitfalls, and plans needed to (hopefully) run a successful crowdfunding campaign.
The conversation touches much more than this, but for those reading the Daily Illuminator . . . the above are a good guideline!

-- Douglas Cole

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