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March 4, 2020: In Stores Today: New Dice And New Munchkin Expansions


At your favorite local game store today (use our handy store finder to locate one near you) are the latest new releases from Steve Jackson Games. 

  • Le Boomb! – This fast-playing dice game includes everything you need to play, in a compact package. We've updated this classic game with a new plastic bomb (complete with wick and screw-on connector so the bomb doesn't fall open in your backpack) and a newly tooled six-sided die. Available in four different colors!
  • Munchkin Pathfinder Goblin Dice – Get more dice and cards for your Munchkin Pathfinder collection. A great addition to the fan-favorite Munchkin Pathfinder game.
  • Star Munchkin: Landing Party – It has been a few years since we released an expansion for Star Munchkin, so we know that this 30-card set is going to be very popular with fans of this long-running Munchkin line.

In addition to the new releases, we've also reprinted Bullet Dice, which should also be at your local store today.

If you do not have a local game store, please don't forget that you can order direct from us at Warehouse 23. (But please, first check our store finder to verify that a new store hasn't opened near you since you last checked. Thanks!)

-- Phil Reed

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