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May 3, 2016: Introducing Al Griego - Assistant Marketing Director!

Al Griego

Al Griego

Greetings! My name is Al Griego, and I'm the new Assistant Marketing Director. I'll be helping the marketing team out with various projects like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

When I'm not working, I like to play games like dominoes, Car Wars: The Card Game, X-Wing Miniatures, Dominion, Castle Panic, and Frag. I enjoy playing Call of Duty with my friend Glen, but I still end up on the receiving end most of the time. I also help my friends Vince and Colleen with the Geek Out SA web series every Tuesday night (check it out!). In addition, my wife and I run Master Photography by LG in San Antonio, and we do green screen photography at cons around South Texas. If you've been to San Japan, Mizumi-Con, or RealmsCon, that's us! My son and I also watch way too many zombie movies and shows.

I started gaming back in the summer of 1978, thanks to one of my school friends. My first gaming purchases were AD&D 1st Edition, Squad Leader/Cross of Iron, and Ogre. That started a lifelong love of gaming (thanks, Gordon. I miss you, bro!). Across the spectrum of board, card, miniature, and roleplaying games, if it looks fun, I'll play it (although my family won't play trivia games with me).

I've worked with SJ Games as a member of the Men In Black demo team and as a playtester for over twenty years. I enjoy going to conventions, running game demos, getting swag, and checking out new games to fill the rapidly diminishing shelf space in my office. If you see me at a con, stop by and say hi. It's great to be able to put a face to the people I have chatted with online!

-- Al Griego

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