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May 3, 2022: Last Day! Pirate D6 Dice Set Funding Ends Tomorrow


After a little over a week of funding, we're happy to report that the new Pirate d6 Dice Set project is scheduled to close successfully on Indiegogo tomorrow. This blister pack of six new dice is on track for release late this year, with the Indiegogo backers the first to receive the new dice . . . and the new Munchkin bookmark that works alongside these custom six-sided dice.

In addition to the Pirate d6 Dice Set, the Indiegogo campaign is also offering One Roll Quest, a new fast-playing game by Steve Jackson, as well as a chance as the Munchkin Booty boxed game.

Retailers, there's even a perk for those of you who want to stock the new dice and One Roll Quest in your brick-and-mortar store.

Please join the project before it comes to an end! And if you missed this, please keep an eye on Warehouse 23 later this year; we will open these for wider release once we finish shipping the Indiegogo perks.

-- Phil Reed

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