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May 4, 2009: We All Live In A Similar, But Legally Distinct Yellow Submarine

Ours is cooler, anyway. It has robots with grandpa's brains floating around inside 'em.

Transhuman Space. I think we can all agree on something about this setting. It's all about space right? Wrong! Everyone who thinks that must now leave the room and report for Punishment! Okay, are they gone? While true, space does feature prominently in the game we chose to call Transhuman Space, it would be decidedly shortsighted to limit ourselves to just the stars. No, we have seen the future and it is the oceans! Or maybe that was an episode of seaQuest. Regardless, we've got a book called Transhuman Space Classic: Under Pressure for you here at e23, and it's chock full of undersea adventure!

I just looked up "chock" to make sure I was using it correctly. Turns out "chock" is a nautical term. Woo-hoo, I'm the best salesman ever! (You . . . you are going to buy the book, right?)

-- Fox Barrett

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