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May 12, 2019: Dice Designs And Color Tests


Over the years, we've made more dice than we can count. Between all of the Munchkin games, Zombie Dice, and Cthulhu Dice, we've produced millions of dice with our partners at GPI . . . and now we're making more. Already announced/released for 2019, we've got:


And that's just what we've announced so far this year! In addition to the above, we also have new dice designs in the works at the factory. What designs? We're not quite ready to reveal everything, but we do have these skull and dragon dice in tooling. Designed by Alex Fernandez, we're still determining the best way to release these items. For now, we're finalizing the molds . . . we'll make release decisions later.


And on the other front, when it comes to dice, we've been working with GPI on some color experimentations. David and I were chatting, and I had an idea that led to David's idea which led to a test: green translucent plastic swirled with green pearlized plastic. I wish we could get a better photo of this color combo, because the translucent plastic creates a lightpipe effect (which we've seen in toys) and makes the die shimmer in light in a pretty cool way. We're definitely going to keep exploring this combination of plastics!

We've got more dice in the works, so watch our dice page as we complete and reveal more designs!

-- Phil Reed

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