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May 13, 2021: Get Gaming Fast With Delvers To Grow For Dungeon Fantasy

Sometimes you want to just play. New support for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG by Gaming Ballistic aims to let you do just that. Written by Kevin Smyth, author of Hand of Asgard and Norðlondr Fólk, Delvers to Grow lets you choose from Strong, Fast, and Smart Delvers at 62, 125, and 187 points. Efficient, effective builds, loadouts, and spell lists get even brand-new players to the table fast. How fast? As little as five minutes.
Using a modular system we couldn't resist calling "Build-a-Björn," you start out picking a template type, point level, and profession. Upgrade modules such as armsmaster, backstab artist, or star-touched provide useful flavor and abilities. Create an archery specialist scout or a chi master martial artist; for the GM it makes a great guard or hireling creation tool. It also includes new advantages to buff up delvers: No druid should be without Herbaceous Mastery!

Delvers to Grow

The basic pledge includes the construction book, three worked example books for Strong, Fast, and Smart delvers at all point levels and profession types, plus a starting adventure!
The Crypt of Krysuvik is being written by long-time author and fantastic dungeoneer Peter Dell'Orto and his co-author Marshall LaPira. Explore the zero-to-hero range of play in the wilds northwest of the Citadel at Nordvorn. Start play a half an hour after sitting down at your table.
Pledge levels include starter packages to grab the boxed set plus a fully worked setting. If you're a game store owner . . . there's a retail level. Once the campaign funds, stretch goals provide fully worked books of characters for even faster use at the table as starting PCs or flavorful NPCs.
Douglas and Che Webster from Roleplay Rescue discussed the Delvers to Grow project on a 30-minute podcast. Also, the GM who ran the blind-test for the early draft of the manuscript wrote up his impressions, which were reposted in Update #4: High Praise from The Chaotic GM.

-- Douglas Cole

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