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May 16, 2019: Four Perilous Journeys: New Adventures For The Fantasy Trip


You need more adventures for use with The Fantasy Trip, right? The Adventures hardcover, now at the factory and set to ship to project backers in August, doesn't quite fill your need for adventures . . . you need more. Fortunately, Douglas Cole has partnered with us to bring officially licensed adventures for The Fantasy Trip to the world, and his efforts are now on Kickstarter and ready for your support.

Four Perilous Journeys: New Adventures for The Fantasy Trip launched last week. It offers both PDF and print reward levels, meaning that any GM, regardless of personal preference, can get these four new adventures in the format that best suits their needs at the table. The adventures are written by David Pulver, Christopher R. Rice, and J. Edward Tremlett, and the titles are enough to spark the imagination of any player.

  • Ironskull Castle
  • Crown of Eternity
  • Citadel of Ice
  • Curse of the Pirate King

To learn more about these four adventures, as well as to join and support the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter campaign today!

-- Phil Reed

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