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May 22, 2016: The Munchkin LEGO Game Board

Munchkin Lego Board

Kill the monsters, steal the bricks!

The Munchkin LEGO gameboard is a minifigure-scaled version of our beloved gameboard. It measures 96 studs long and 48 studs wide, about 15" x 30", and is as fantastic to play a game of Munchkin upon as you would imagine.

Munchkin Lego Board

Like a heavenly plastic peanut butter cup, it combines two of my favorite things together: Munchkin and LEGO. The special setup features custom hand-drawn playing cards (many by Guest Artist Edition artists such as Len Peralta, Ian McGinty, and Katie Cook), numerous creature MOCs ("My Own Creations" in brick-speak ) such as the Bullrog and Gazebo, custom printed themed tiles, specially printed dice, and amazing one-of-a-kind minifigures. Hidden throughout the board are inside jokes, artist signatures, and fun themes such as zombies, holidays, and Cthulhu. The custom Munchkin themed accessories were provided by CrazyBricks.

Originally built for fun and awesome, the board has become a special treat at numerous LEGO fan events and gaming stores. We usually like to break it out to support charities or to promote the release of a notable new Munchkin set. This year, the Munchkin LEGO board has scheduled appearances at BrickFiesta in Houston and BrickWorld in Chicago. Typically, the player seats are raffled off to support the convention or to raise funds for a worthy charity.

Lego Munchkin Board

Gamers at the board get to compete with Steve Jackson Games employees (including Steve Jackson himself!) and fight it out for special and unique swag from the Warehouse 23 vaults, including rare and signed cards, unique prototypes, and a special printed tile LEGO die! Plus the bragging rights of having adventured in the dungeons of brick. The winner also gets to keep a copy of a new Munchkin game signed by SJ. Past games have even awarded the rare and glorious Evil Stevie Changes the Rules card!

Come support your favorite fan convention and enjoy the unique, amped up fun that can only be had playing on the Munchkin LEGO Gameboard!

-- Guy Himber

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