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May 22, 2020: Ending Today On Kickstarter: A New Book Of City Locations


I ran a personal Kickstarter campaign for Fantasy City Sites and Scenes, a 48-page book of city locations and city encounters for use with almost any fantasy roleplaying game. The systemless work did very well -- 1,701 project backers! -- and the print rewards are already mailing out to the backers of that project.

Later today, the Kickstarter campaign for a second book of city locations will close successfully with over 1,500 backers. Better still, the new book is written and complete, and I'll place the order for the test copy next week. None of this would be possible without the support of the project backers, and now's your last chance to become one of those backers! The PDF reward is only $1 during the campaign, so please check out the project and join in. It's one of the best deals you will find in gaming today.

-- Phil Reed

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