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May 26, 2012: Munchkin Apocalypse Off To Print - Andrew Off To Relax

We just sent Munchkin Apocalypse, a second printing of Munchkin Deluxe, and a secret 4Q 2012 Munchkin item off to print. Huzzah!

That clears my desk of all pending Munchkin development, so I'm going on vacation for the next few weeks. In my absence, Erik will be handling rule questions on the forums, Lenny will be handling in-house Munchkin needs and email, and the intrepid Warehouse 23 staff will be taking care of your online orders, same as always. I don't know whether I'll be online or not, except for the two weeks when I'm in Alaska and definitely will NOT, so anything you send me could very well sit until I return to the office on July 9.

See y'all then!

-- Andrew Hackard

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